Thursday 31 March 2016

40kaddict Terrain Competition Deadline

As stated the end of March is the deadline for entries, but fear not it's not so much a 'dead'line as a 'zombie'line. Should you not be able to get your entry to me by the close of plat today I will not exclude you from the competition. I'll still be accepting entries next week but you'll obviously be at a bit of a disadvantage with the voting. I've currently got 8 definite entries, but I know of one WiP entry that is still to come in [Nick, this means you ;) although I've included 'Where's Weston' so far].

The competition page will be the voting and then a selection of supplied imagery, all anonymised so you can peruse the efforts then vote in the poll. As mentioned in a previous comment the poll itself is preferring landscape images so where appropriate I've doubled some images up. I think it looks better so hopefully you all will too.

I have to say I'm over the moon at the variety of entries so far and really appreciate the effort you've all gone to and how inventive you have been in showcasing them. I actually think it's going to be a difficult choice for us all. Can't wait to find out who's won.


  1. Just added the photos of my second entry as far as it will be to our shared album - I'll do a post about it hopefully tonight, not had much time this week, as it was my eldest's 3rd birthday yesterday, so we've been here, there and everywhere!

    1. No problems Nick, do you want me to download the pics directly?

  2. Looking forward to seeing everyone's efforts!

  3. I sadly ran out of time. But fair play for doing the competition.

  4. Finally finished up my entry! Sent it to your email Dave, leaving this here as a notification.
    - Tristan