Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Throne of Skulls March 2016 - Battle 4, Tyranids Vs Space Wolves

Chris was my opponent for game 4. Space Wolves and Wulfen so I was going to try the new furballs in the Grimdark

Psychic Powers
Winged TyrantTervigonZoanthropeBroodkin Magus
DominionDominionDominionPsychic Shriek
Psychic ScreamWarp BlastWarp BlastInvisibility
DominionThe Horror

The low down:
  • Into The Maelstrom - Deadlock
  • Warlord Trait - 3 enemy units must make pinning tests
  • Night fighting first turn, won deployment, elected to go first.
  • CARNAGE! effect:
    • Rage - 2A on charge
    • Counter Attack
    • Furious Charge
Now that's a compact army... [although some Termiantors are missing]

I deployed in a similar formation as last time, using the trees as cover for the Carnifex.

Chris only had three units on the battlefield at the start.

All I had in reserve were the Rippers in the pod

These were my 6 cards that would whittle down as the game went on, I hoped to achieve [I photographed them again so they would be clear] That 6VP Lord of the Dead for putting a wound on every unit in Line of Sight, seemed possible

So I swooped the Flyrant towards the Thunderwolves and advanced everything else.

I think I managed two out of the three, with the Hive Guard managing to get two wounds on the Land Raider with impressive twin 6s to hit, followed by twin 6s to glance! But it was to no avail

As suddenly I had Murderfang at my Back door and Terminators at the front.

Broodkin and Stealer took casualties.

But it was the Carnifex that would take the brunt

Chris managed to score 3 mission VPs and First Blood in his first turn, I think the lead Carnifex fell to the Terminators despite Catalyst.

In return I was able to wipe them out, thanks to all the Devourer shots and Flesheborer shots from the 11 spawned gaunts from turn 1 and 12 from turn 2. Only the Wolf Lord was left.

My Tyrranocyte managed put wounds on the Dreadnought.

While the Termagants managed to swamp the Wolf Lord, who saved out of his skin this turn.

Genestealers and Broodkin charged Murderfang

Rage and Furious Charge were just too much for it, I mean the Broodkin were doing 5 S4 Rending attacks each! The Purestrains managed to put a Hull Point on the Drop Pod.

Stealers and Broodkin scatter with my consolidation.

The Wolf Lord continued to hold off the diminishing gaunts

I manage to pull of these 5 VPs in the one turn, I'm back in the game!

The Stormwolf arrives from reserve, I'd fogrgotten about that.

I manage to save the Tervigon from the Las Cannon attack but when it comes to the Helfrost Cannon typically there's my toughness test, anything other than a 6! It suffers the one wound and is frozen solid.

I think I was lucky with Synaptic Feedack as there doesn't seem to be too many gaunts dead.

The Land Raider turned round and roasted the Rippers, giving Chris an easy VP

And I'm pretty sure this was good news

But infortuantely this was not as I think the Tyrannocyte got squashed by the Thunderwolves. Chris managed to go one better than me and secure 6 VPs this turn, taking him to 9 and leaving me on 5.

These were my four new missions, all achievable.

I manage to kill the Thunder Wolves, I think with the Carnifex.

The other Carnifex manages to destroy the Land Raider. Now I read that I'd get a VP for that with the 'Self Destruct Protocols' card but when I re-read it I only read the 'suffers an "Explodes"' result, not 'causes, or suffers an "Explodes"'. So I may well have got a VP that I didn't count for this. I ddi however get 3 VPs for killing it just with attacks and 2 VPs for destroying it in my assault phase. Unfortunately I couldn't kill the drop pod to make it 4.

Meanwhile the Wolf Lord STILL won't die!

But I did get objective 3, bringing my VP total this turn to 6 [although it was actually 7 with the Land Raider]. Current score - 11-9

The Storm Wolf deposits the Wulfen, again I'd forgotten about those.

And they Prove devastating, slaughtering the Carnifex like it wasn't there.

The Wolf Lord STILL won;t die and manages to kill the Broodlord too!

Turn 4 and these are my missions. Objectove 2 is a done deal, there are 5 Wulfen on the board and all those Genestealers MUST be able to kill the Wolf Lord.

Just in case I send in the Purestrains, who'd finished wrecking the Drop Pod to clear my DZ of Line Breakers. The Hive Guard manage to make a 10" charge on the Stormwolf but can't wreck it. As the dust settled I managed to do all three of my cards but the weight of numbers still wouldn't give up the 4 VPs, the Wolf Lord lived yet again! I was on 14 VPs [actually 15].

Chris was pretty much out of options and all that was left was to see if the Wolf Lord survived and finally he was rent asunder giving me Slay the Warlord.

Final score was 15(16)-11 but once again I'd lost on Carnage points, giving up 88 and scoring only 43. This had been a great game, with the wealth of cards it really opens up more options compared with the other Maelstrom missions where you're stuck with one or two cards that are difficult and your opponent is racking up easier objectives. The Wulfen were pretty brutal but so were the Broodkin, of course the Rage and Furious Charge helped raise their profile.

I was desparateky unlucky with the Tervigon but credit where it's due that Wolf Lord was insane, surviving almost 6 rounds of combat, more in part beacause I just didn't roll any rends but he saved out of his skin for every other wound. I sugegsted to Chris he be interred in the remains of the wrecked Dreadnought, hopefully to fight another day. Now onto the last game.