Monday, 28 March 2016

'nids part 192 - Termagants - baker's dozen - TO DONE!

Obviously I got these done, I probably need to start using these as my defacto big brood, they're much nicer than the 30 I first did, then again I can be pretty rough and ready with those. I actually just upended the foam tray they were in at ToS as the quickest way to remove them, then put 6 back in and I was good to go.

Still, I'm pretty impressed with these and it's nice ot have something completed.

It's also nice to mix in the Hormagaunts for a bit of variety.

Here are some comparissons between the three generations of adrenal gaunts, oldest on the left to newest on the right.

There's a marked difference between oldest and 2nd gen, but less noticeable between 2nd and 3rd.

All the gaunts.

"They're flocking this way"

You can at least see the variety the HOrmagaunt bodies bring in this shot.

The Genestealer donor head.

Bounding leap.

Some phone shots too, for comparison.

So, there we go another big green tick. It may have been off list but they're doneand it's nice to add a bit of quantity [ten is still significant to me] to what I can only say is quality, although the Imperial Knight could be considered volume...