Thursday 3 March 2016

40k Terrain Competition Update - The competition begins!

As you can see from the totaliser we have nearly reached our target. This last month you added £14.10, in particular February 22nd was a good day as I had six clicks on an advert worth 46p a click! So with roughly £57 in the account and it's set to pay out at £60 I'm pretty confident that March will see me go over that threshold. Of course everything beyond the £60 that's generated will go into the pot and I'll be adding my own money to ensure the cost of the Imperial Knight is met and hopefully add a £10 voucher for a second place winner, should we have more than one entry that is.

So that leads us to the competition, I really need your support on this moving forward and to confirm everyone is happy with the rules I've sketched out. Firstly:
Competition judging will begin at the end of March and take place over April with the final decision being made then.
Is this enough time? Is one month sufficient for you to start and finish a project and photograph it ready for April 1st, if not speak now or forever hold your peace. Bearing in mind I have a weeks holiday booked in May so if it rolls over a month to allow more time to enter I may not be able to oversee any unforeseen issues during that period.

I'll be setting up a poll, similar to this test , I know it was possible to break it and you could artificially inflate scores but I'm hoping there will have to be a level of honesty involved.
 Is this OK, or do you think it's open to abuse? In which case there are alternative options:
  1. Poll for first and second prize
  2. I choose first and second prize
  3. Randomly choose first prize, second prize is decided by me
  4. I choose first prize, second prize is random
Or any combination, suggestion you can think of. Lastly, I need to know how folk would like to have their entry recorded? I think emailing me with your picture will be the best bet, potentially adding any other supporting pics if you felt necessary.


  1. I personally think you should be the judge. It's your competition and your templates! However, I like the idea of a poll, so perhaps run the poll but you are the ultimate arbiter, so your choice but influenced by public opinion?

    I think a month is plenty, anyone who's not got at least a heads up by now isn't likely to even if you extend things a bit.

    Also, might be good to clarify how many times someone could enter? You've seen my entry but I'm also keen to do some buildings as well!

    1. Thanks Nick, the more entries the merrier I think. I'll amend the blog post later to say multiple entries are welcome. Although would a combined entry be an option? I like the idea of someone who has gone to the trouble of trying to do many things, effort and entering into the spirit of the comp feels it should be rewarded. My only fear for being ultimate arbiter is I don't want any controversy with the the winner, I want everyone to be happy with the result and having me decide may open it up for criticism. Maybe Im paranoid but folk complain about the smallest things sometimes, not here but I've seen it elsewhere and I don't want it to sour what I was hoping to achieve.

    2. I think I'm with Nick... It's your comp, judges decision is final, no backsies! I think you should be the judge, and folk should respect your decision... I'd hope that the people who frequent here and G+ are the sort of folk who appreciate what you've achieved here, and also appreciate the sentiment behind the competition.

    3. I guess the next step is to get a big cloister built from your templates then - I've got an idea for a big centrepiece that will work really nicely with the modular terrain I'm building!

    4. OK, well I guess I'll just wing it, 'my house, my rules'. I'm going to promote it on Faeit community page next week which might increase the amount of entries, sorry Nick ;)

  2. I guess I have you to thank, I never even considered adsense before. But for a dad on a budget, this might actually help me to stay in the hobby, if I can get anything out of it. I'll click on your ads if you click on mine? ;)

    1. Sure, I click where I can but be aware that it takes a long time to get to that £60 mark, 4years for me the first time. This time around it's been quicker no doubt because of the competition, I wouldn't normally solicit clicking otherwise.

  3. I'm happy for you to judge, this is your baby ;-)