Friday 4 March 2016

Throne of Skull Army List - A matter of 170 points

You know when I asked for help with my ToS army lists? Well it always annoys me when someone asks for advice and the promptly ignores what was said. Now I'm not sure if that's what I've done here, so, bad Dave! But I think in all of my appeals across forums and such there seemed to be response that if didn't fit with what I normally take the underpinning theories of choices were equivalent. That said it help and I've got three army lists to choose from, that I'll reveal for opinions after I;ve resolved a 170 point hole in one of those lists. Now these are the options I want folk to think about for those 170pts but given the way I've laid it out Option 1 is really looking strongest [that Hive Guard 'con' for the 2 hits is the average so they can be ineffective, hence why the 3 hit average when I take 3 of them is more a 'pro'].
Anyway, if I could have your opinions but a sneak peak into the other lists... well it'd be rude not to
Free Radical Collective Genestealer Cultists

Given the rules I can take these as 1st and 2nd gen hybrids, 85pts for 12, take a Magus for the Telepathy shenanigans and 2 Purestarin Genestealers just to sneak around and just be annoying.


  1. As I commented the last time I'll do so again Dave, the last time it was to point you in the direction of a spammed power list that was wrong of me Dave so sorry.

    I know you won best army awards Dave but if I was asked I'd guess you never won a tournament (Forgive me if I'm wrong) to me Dave you come across as a modeller painter & a damn good one to boot that plays but is not over competitive, so my advice to you this time round mate, take what your going to enjoy the most simple as.

    1. I've come second in a couple, but you're right competition is not my raison d'etre. However, I don't want a list that's just fodder either and I think the last game turned my perception of what was fun, but potentially frustrating to my opponent, completely on its head. I'd love to have confidence in a Mawloc list and I know it works better as it scales up, 1 Mawloc is not enough, hence why I'm continually frustrated with it. I really appreciate your advice, wish I had the models to implement it :)

  2. I would pick 2 or 4, though it is worth noting these sorts of decisions are hard without knowing the rest of the list in question. Maybe you have a compelling reason why the gargoyles in choice 1 would beat out more reliability from the hive guard, like a lack of scoring elements. But in a vacuum I'd take 2 or 4. Most lists I tend to make would lean me towards 2, because I'll probably have one or two carnifexes already in the list and the ranged str 8 tends to be lacking for Nids.

    1. Fair point VonCrown, made even more valid by me deciding on option 1, printing the 11 copies of my army list, that I need, cutting them out and then deciding to change the list by shaving points from the other 90% of the list! Got to print and finish the new ones. Managed to get enough points back to take 2 hive Guard and a dakkafex!

  3. I have had very little luck with Gargoyles doing anything effective. They're usually killed during overwatch and the first round of assault (Even with the hammer of wrath) so I try to leave them out as much as possible. If they had a better armor save, they may be more effective, but as is they're cannon fodder.

    I'd say option 2 and 4. Option 2 if you teamed up with a Walkrant would give him automatic Look Out Sir! passes and effectively give your walkrant an extra 12 wounds. Stick the Walkrant in front so you can use the armour save on him but distribute the shooting wounds to the Guards.

    Option 4 gives you some nice Dakka, however without seeing the rest of your list I don't know if you have any vehicle/building busters. You may want to consider crushing claws if that's a gap you have otherwise leave him as a Dakkafex.

    Electroshock are very effective against vehicles and only vehicles. Otherwise your points are better spent on other things. No need for any chest biomorphs since the Flyrant will be shooting his Twin Linked BrainLeech Devourers all the time.

    Hope that gives you some more to think about!