Friday, 11 December 2015


I'd just liek to... OK case in point before I've even begun to explain this post. Can I please apologise for the quality of blog post spellings recently. I know I don’t have to apologise but I do try and take a lot of care to get things right but I’m seeing and increase in errors and it annoys the hell out of me. In my defence [and I’m sure you’ll all disagree I need one] it’s not the spelling that is at fault, it’s my typing skills that have begun to atrophy, not sure why.

I’ve definitely noticed that I keep using semi-colons instead of apostrophes, they;re next to each other on the keyboard but for many of the other mistakes it’s transposition of letters. Exisiting is another word I consistently get wrong but there are quite a few others too. I do speel check and re-read and often read again after publication and then fix my mistakes, I;ve tried to leave a lot of those mistakes in this post [had you noticed, well I;ve picked them out in red so you can?] so you can see just how bad it is and that ordinarily I’ll then fix 90% of them while I write [which is time-consuming in itself - going back and forward].

Anyway, I know there’s no need to apologise but it annoys me that it’s not better and it’s even more annoying that I’ve noticed it getting worse. I hope you all can be patient with it, I;ve no real excuse aside from the reason I’m probably rushing too much with my typing, maybe my hands aren’t what they used be, I’m not getting younger afterall ;) Thanks for your patience.

P.S. as for grammar... well that's an issue in itself and I ain;t got time for dat!