Saturday 19 December 2015

Moar of Otty's Inquisition

Otty sent me some more of his Inquisition force to share, so here you go:
Bolter armed acolytes - made from.a mixed bag of vintage and new figures. The small guy at the front is an old Skaven horned rat. I have turned the warp stone globe into a holy hand grenade.

After a furious few weeks painting WW2 models, I have returned to my inquisition force.

This is my version of coteaz - I'm particularly pleased with the daemon hammer. There are too many components to list.

Inquisition Land Raider Redeemer. This will be the transport for the death cult assassin retinue. The tank commander is a very old citadel model of sauron with new hands.

Hope you liked them, I've some of  PeteB's Khorne Daemonkin to share soon too.


  1. Those are seriously cool! Awesome stuff!

    1. I'd love to do some kind of kitbashed Inquisitor band, y'know like all the cool kids too but that requires a lot of time of singular models and that doesn't fit with my existing 'grey tide' or need to get lots done. Perhaps when I've finished most of what I know needs painting I can devote time to fun stuff like that.