Wednesday 2 December 2015

'nids part 181 - 30 Stealers

Although this looks like very little progress I have actually finished the red Planet Basing on all these sans bonewhite chips. This was after the first pass of Vermilion

And subsequent second and third highlight stages, in fact there may even be some pure pumpkin in here.

I'm definitely pleased I mixed up the two highlight batches a while ago and used some old Citadel paint pots to store them in. It's not only helped with this but my Knight too. It's also handy that the paints I used for basing - the Vermilion craft acrylic and the Pumpkin Docrafts are both cheap and plentiful. Although these paints are probably not best for using on your models, for basing it's ideal.

I see a lot of folk asking on groups and message boards about paint and I'm definitely of the opinion to use what works and what you're comfortable with. You only have to look at my Valejo Dark Angels green to see that although it's of no use as an opaque paint it can alter a base coat quite dramatically. And although I'll never use Seraphim Sepia to wash my models if I ever want some crusty powdery weathered effect to screw up my miniature then I know where to go!

Anyway, the next step for these involves the return of why I actually hate painting Tyranids!

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