Saturday 28 November 2015

Imperial Knight - Cerastus in manufactorum pt 13

So, do you know how to play Russian Roulette? Well lets find out if decals are next level or a big old scam. First up I'm trying the old gloss varnish prior to decal to avoid that shine that appears. Have to say the panels come up really nice with that glossy lustre. The colours are much richer too.

House Raven symbol, looks pretty cool.

House Raven coat of arms. I really like this badge, loads of detail I wouldn't have been able to paint. It seems a little desaturated but I still think it was worth adding on. I'm thinking of adding some purity seals on top so it looks like it's received a lot of commendations.

The Metalica manufature stamp. I will be trying to tone down the white with a little sepia wash. You can just make out the bottom edge of the transparency though. I used MIG decal softener to help smooth the decal on. PeteB had been raving about MicroSol so I thought it wise to use some but hadn't found a source I was happy with. I remembered there is a ModelZone in WHSmiths in the Arndale in Manchester but its a hefty walk and as I have to walk past the front of Piccadilly train station I suddenly stopped and decided to pop into a Railway Book and Model Shop, what I found was a treasure trove of obscure items I could use for my hobby which included:
So everything I needed within a one minute walk of my office, which beats my usual five minute walk to pick up Army Painter washes. They even have Bolt Action model soldiers and rules, which may come in handy for Ben and Otty who are exploring WWII games at the moment.

Anyway, I decides to do a little video of me applying the decals. So far I've only done one 40kaddict video and in all honesty I think it's a bit rubbish because it's SOOO boring and I'm pretty sure if my voice doesn't send folk to sleep it may actually cause them to consider self harm of some kind. I think I recall a Doctor Faust painting video where he put on a mad professor voice that really worked and my boss does a lot of voiceover things for work and he gave me tips for better narration. In the end I thought screw it, took my 9 minute video, speeded it up by a factor of four and found some upbeat music I have no right to re-use so if you feel like watching two and a bit minutes of me applying decals have at ye!

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  1. Nice job Dave :) love the video, might have to steal that idea!

    1. Borrow away, you cannot steal what's freely given as a mystical old wise man once told me before embarking on a montage of bizarre household chores to a back track of 80s power ballads. At the end I had much skills at mowing the lawn and painting fences but still kept getting beat up because I had to ditch the self defence classes!

      Sorry, random! ;)