Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Blog Wars X - This time it's numeral - The Aftermath

And lo it came to pass that Blog Wars X would be the final Blog War. I can't thank Alex enough for all he's done to arrange these events and keep doing them for 5 years, this time we even got these cool objective counters [supplied by NafNaf at Objective Secured]. I managed to attend half of them and I'm really looking forward to Alex's next competition as although Blog Wars is gone a replacement is in the works but I can't tell you about it or I'll have to kill you and then Alex will have to kill me but as always if you want the info it'll be on From the Fang first.

Back to our weekend, Otty, Ben, Liam and I all got to Stockport on the Friday night. Otty and Ben had a practice game and I watched ;) I'd been suffering from some pain in my foot [possibly plantar fasciitis] all week and although Liam arrived an hour or so after I got there from work I just didn't want to start a game with a whole days standing on the morrow.

So I took some pictures of Otty and Ben's game

Otty's nids are just fantastic en masse.

Then we all bundled into the nearest curry house Kismet in Stockport the food was great and 20+ young women having some kind of sports team post match celebration didn't spoil the night -
Me, the 40kaddict? Here? In a Stockport Curry House? With 20+ excitable young ladies? With my tyranid collection? What were they thinking of?

Actually it was more what were we thinking of, because we're all sharing a camper van in the NWGC car park! Ooh the smells!

Ben took a picture of his first game - Ork Vs Ork

And justifiably very pleased with himself for getting best painted Special character with Ghazgkhull.

But hat was not the end of it as Otty won best painted army and Liam got best conversions with his Nurgle CSMs which included his Hellflies, Land Raider, maggot Chaos spawn and various other scratchbuilds and kitbashes! They're going to stop us coming in future I think.

I picked up these fellas too, so I can make some Shrikes like Monkeychuka, will try and recoup some of the cost by selling the rest of the Crypt Horrors on sprues.

Also on the Friday night I say this awesome Chaos Knight conversion

I love how the hatch has been welded shut so the pilot can no longer escape his hellish confines.

And a pretty cool Heldrake conversion too.

I'll try and get on with the battle reports as soon as I can, there's loads I want to blog about but I'm struggling to fit it in, I'll do my best.