Saturday 7 November 2015

Blog Wars X

Today is Blog Wars X, I can't say enough how much I enjoy this event and appreciate all the hard work Alex From the Fang does in putting on the event. When I started back into the hobby and met up with my mates and they were desparate to attend Warhammer World I really enjoyed the experience but it is costly, the tickets and accommodaiton is one thing but it's not just the price it's the time overhead too. You're away from home for two nights at least and getting back from Nottingham on a Sunday can be quite late.

Obviously for me and my mates the North West Gaming Centre is practically round the corner, I know  alot of people have to travel much further and I can sympathise with that but the tickets are considerably cheaper and it only being a one day tournie means you still get at least half your weekend at home with the family. And the raffle is also pretty cool, not that I've ever won anything in that but I've made up for it obviously in other ways and there is always that chance - it could be you!

Alex has stated ext year there will only be one Blog Wars, with the fledgling tournament Fluffageddon taking the November spot. Fluffageddon was originally set for September just gone but didn't have enough interest. I know I struggled to fit another even in between BW9 and X but I've every intention to jump onto it in November 2016 as I wish I could have been involved in BW1. We may well look at attending a Warhammer World event in March/April too as it's been far too long since our last visit but for right now I'm looking forward to todays competition, BW11 and Fluffageddon.

I'll let you know how we all got on as soon as I can, have a great weekend.