Wednesday 4 November 2015

Blog Wars X Tyranid Army list

As I've seen a few other blogs post their BWX army lists I thought why the heck not. Having abandoned the Dark Angels as a bad idea [and also unachievable given timescale and rate of progress] the nids will be there yet again. I'm reluctant to enter them into the painting competition, having won last time, but Alex said it's not a problem and I honestly think there will be lots of competition for the top spot as I know Liam and Otty's armies will do really well alongside the usually high standard of entrants. But I know it's an issue for some and money is involved so I'd rather not be 'that guy' when I don't have to be. From recent experience I know whatever good will I generate from people enjoying the army is easily lost when the competitive side gets involved so I;d rather just display it and try and promote the blog this time.

So, here's my list, I was apprehensive about the new double CAD option at first, it was only in the last few weeks when I was asking some questions of Alex that he pointed out it was possible that I could take two CADs, I was still under the impression it was not possible to have two of the same faction. So I created this list and finally able to run [swoop] two Flyrants, which I haven't been able to do at Blog Wars since the old Codex, which obviously had the Doom of Malantai who was everyones favourite Special Character but he was an Elite choice so made 2 Flyrant HQs easy. Nowadays all but one of our Specials are HQs so twin Flyrants was difficult. 

I've dropped the Manufactorum Genestealers because there were too many models and I needed to shave points. The Children of Cryptus came in instead, slightly more durable, less board presence and ability to affect how your opponent deploys [I so love messing with people's heads before they even put models down] but they are Ob Sec which is pretty valuable. Overall I wanted more MCs, less body count. Obviously they 30 gaunts counter that but there are only 52 models in total so hopefully my games will be a little quicker. I was able to shave a few points off by dropping some Hive Guard I was going to take and instead replace their four T6 4+ saves with the Mawloc's six T6 3+ saves. Now I'm not sure if it'll be anymore effective, it may not even turn up in the game and he is notoriously and literally 'hit and miss' but I like my model and who knows he may work well with Deathleaper this time. I also dropped my Tyrannofex but I'm pretty sure the twin Flyrants and the Tyrannocyte podding in the second Carnifex or even the transporting the tunneling Rippers should I feel the need the Carni's are better starting on the ground will allow me more board presence. I don;t have any weapons higher than S6 but I suppose there's always assaulting with the Carni's too. Either way I think it's a fun list for me, maybe not too nice with the 2 Flyrants but it could have been worse if I had Crones and Harpies. Anyway, bring on Saturday.


  1. The flyrants and the carnifexes (carnifexi? Carnifex'?) with the twin linked devourers are a great option and can be utterly brutal with the volume of shots they pump out. I'll kindly ask you to be gentle should I face you :P

    1. Carnifices, according to Warhammer 39,999:
      Although I just liked using Carnifex in this instance, like sheep and deer is also plural.

      Volume of fire is always effective unless of course you're AP-, which my 48 shots are so Power Armour and FnP should leave a lot of your Death Company unharmed, which kind of misses the point of Death Company I'd imagine! I'm sure my nids will be pleasantly gentle just as I trust your Blood Angels will be ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Teribbly fun, I'm sure all my opponents will agree ;)

  3. See you Saturday! I have a fun Marine and Cult Mechanicus list and I've never played the Cult Mechanicus ever... Hopefully a low model count will speed up the game as I and my opponent look over the rules...

  4. Can't wait and just started reading your blog post and saw that they're Mordian7th's Mechanicus models so that's going to be amazing seeing those so I must get copious pictures for the blog, and the Relictors too ;)