Thursday 5 November 2015

'nids part 179 - CARNIFEX!

Quick one [hopefully], as promised [or is that threatened?] here's the Carnifex Brood photos.

Really chuffed how conisistent the painiting has become the only real differnce is the slime base on the second Carnifex, which, with hindsight, is a little inconvenient as Carnifex 1 and 2's bases match up really well.

Nevermind, the Hive devours on.

I'm really liking Carnifex now, there's something about the model that's cool I can understand why people end up with nine of these things despite the leg positioning making the posing options relatively limited.

I'm pretty certain that if I wasn't careful I'd end up with quite a few more, which is daft as currently I think I'd struggle to fit more than three in a list.

I do like the way I can bunch them all up, as if they needed to huddle together like kittens, big monstrous all consuming nightmare inducing alien killing kittens!

Right, that's enough nids for now.

Back to the Cerasatus Knight!

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