Friday, 20 November 2015

Blog Wars X Painting competition pics

The Blog Wars painting competition was up to it's usual high standard. Of course I knew what Liam and Otty were bringing but there weere some really good entries from other people too but my mates efforts did cause some people not to display because they didn't see the point. Which although I don't agree with, because if you've painted an army you should show it off, but I do understand people may feel it's pointless. Hypocritically I didn't display my army either. I'd intended to, but not to compete but as I may game finished dead on 2 hours 30 I really couldn't bring myself to set everything up when I had lunch, keeping up with the family at home and buying my Vargheist.

I did take pictures though and I know Alex wanted better ones if they were available as Liam did all his best army shots and was unfamiliar with the camera. In fairness lighting was pretty grim so I'm not sure my shots are an improvement but I may have caught some angles and shots Liam didn't, so enjoy.

This Dark Mechanicum army was fantastically creepy

Best painted special character category.