Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Dark Angel Objective markers

I made another decision. Despite being perfectly happy with my force field pylon objective markers I decided to do the force field glow effect on the generators. I planned to add glow effects on the Knight so it made sense to recreate the effect I did for my Plasma weaponry to see how it would look. I know that sounds odd as my Plasma guys clearly illustrate how, but I needed more reassurance.

I wasn't 100% convinced this time around. I'm not sure it looks like a glow and more like yellow discs.

With that doubt in mind I added a little more orange inside the creases of the discs.

I think this is more what I was after, it's less defined as an object but I think more realistc as a source of lighting.

I also applied the same effect to the plasma coils in the Teleport homers. Obviously I did them completely differntly to how I did Plasma coils on my weponry but nevermind.

I'm less convinced of the beacon lights but I'm hoping Tamiya Clear Red X-27 may lift them up. The OSL works, it's just the lights themselves that look a bit flat.

Nearly there though and then I can tick them off. Still no idea how to number them, there realy isn't space to put a numeral and even then it'd look slapped on after adding the SFX now :(

The question is do I go with the yellow/orange glow as above [when there's already yellow on the chevrons so it may look confusing] or, do I go with the green glow I did on my Epic Reaver titan?

What do you think? I'm not even sure if this was the final iteration of the orange plasma, maybe that's it, less yellow/white moar orange.