Friday 31 October 2014

Terrain is everything - Project Ω - Realm of Battle Board - 50 Shades of Red Oxide

Happy Hallowe'en! Dry your eyes and lets fix this mother! On with the shadow wash. You can see there is still some evidence of the Polyvine [the whiteish streaks towards the top of the board] but overall I'd say it's been reduced by 80%

Once again this could be considered a perfect place to stop and I bet this would ideal for most of what John Blanche does with his Inquisition models or those done by Spiky Rat Pack [which I think are done for JB]

The colours are very earthy indeed and more than suitable for that painterly look that's popular for INQ28.

I'm hoping that because I've still manage to retain some of the depth of colours from the original coat of paint there will in fact be much more to see in the details when I add the highlights.

It's such a relief that I don't have to go back to square one, square 2.5 is still rewarding for the effort put in so far.

Just to illustrate how bad the Polyvine can get, notice the white 'foamed blob' on the edge just where the clips go. Clearly this product is desparate to dry milky white. Goodness knows what I would do if it dried like that on a freshly laid hardwood floor - it's intended purpose!


  1. I really like the depth of the shades on this board Dave. In a very flat surface, you've created a lot of interest...and they shadowing on the raised hills and such is really stellar.

    Everyone will be totally psyched to play on such an awesome board....till you crush them mercilessly with your nids.

    1. I completely agree with Greg. The depth of color is stunning! Well done!