Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Somehow I forgot my own 'blog day'. I guess all the home improvements have taken their toll. However, it's been four whole years since I truly fell of the wagon, when after 10 months of painting and modelling I finally committed the ultimate act against ,y sobriety and started a blog. I won't do a review of this year like I did last time, because I pretty much did that for the hobby season but I will say a big thanks to all those who continue to support the blog.


Yes, whether it's reading commenting, following or even lurking it's great that you keep coming back for more random chat and occasional pic of a model ;) I'd been thinking I hadn't had a 'confession' for a while but given my limited hobby activities at the moment due to the continued home improvements schedule. It's a bit tough to take stock of what's happening when most of the hobby room is taken up with furniture that still has to be taken out of packaging. Still, I have a couple of updates on my Realm of Battle board to come once that is out of the way I should be able to cross off my Blood Bowl Elves and then it's about time I revealed Project Z, not to mention crack on with my Dark Angels.

Anyway, I'll leave with some colour tweaked and tilt-shifted pics of some of my Armies on Parade Board because they're just OTT.