Sunday, 26 October 2014

Nu nids, missing nids and repackaged cheaper nids, nids, nids!

From out of the blue there's a rumour about a new Tyranid model up for pre-order next week. The Maleceptor/Toxicrene looks mildly interesting, moreso for the crazy sounding model than the leaked ruleset. It may actually be very good but I'm not particularly gifted at how these things can perform game-wise so I'll just have to let the interwebs tell me if it's any good. However, something was pointed out to me yesterday by the Southport GW manager and that is the Zoanthrope has 'SOLD OUT'. Now please note this is not 'temporarily unavailable' it has SOLD OUT. If you want to see what a temporarily unavailable looks like check out the Tactical Objective Cards, [because they're always temporarily unavailable!] So the question is if the Zoie has gone why is that? Is a plastic model, finally available, maybe three in a box with alternate bits to make Venomthropes in the offing? Who knows but it seems odd.

Meanwhile pre-orders have also gone up for Wrath of the Hive Mind a £100 set for what looks to be £135 worth of bugs. This looks like it should be every bug collector starter kit, a Hive Tyrant [although it ominously doesn't show it with wings, fingers crossed you get those too] a Tervigon. 20 Termagants and three Warriors... plus 3 bases of Rippers

This makes a decent core to your army and fills all your basic slots. I suppose the £105 Tyranid Swarm box also does that if you make your Carnifex into Old One Eye, but I still think this new box set is great, although I'm not sure I can justify getting it myself.