Friday, 3 October 2014

Terrain is everything - Project Ω - Realm of Battle board gets Red Planet Ferron Proxima

We have Red Planet! the Birth of Ferron Proxima! One and a bit cans of Red Oxide Primer gets me around 80% coverage so hopefully I'll have some left over in my new can that just arrived from eurocarparts [still the cheapest I can find for spray primers, and I got a litre of engine oil too ;) ]

As you can see the spray on stone texture paint is still evident. If you compare looking at the small picture with the zoomed version when you click on it you should be able to make out what is the texture that was molded into the board by GW and what is the finer texture I sprayed on. At this stage I'm glad I did it but we've still got to see how it reacts to the drybrushing.

The skull pits currently look OK. When I've finished all the painting I'll photoshop the three options I thought of for my pits. 
  1. Green - the new digestion pits I do
  2. Yellow - the old digestion pits
  3. Black - a lot of Ferron Proxima watercourses are contaminated by a black viscous sludge. St this point in time bio-analysis has found no reason for this contamination, no indication of what it is or if it has any lasting effect after consumption. The rivers/ponds are just thick and black...

Another close up of the texture.


Ditto again!

And the lighting changed but if I can capture some of this range of colours on the final board I'll be a happy man. You should also be able to make out areas around the skull pit where I was less generous with the texture spray which I think shows just how smooth the board can be. This will definitely add more grip to the table, without adding an abrasive material that will damage models, should they fall over.

Can't wait to get the next coat on and start the shade washes to pick out all this texture.

Then I get to do all the highlighting but will have to read up on it a bit because I know there's ways you can paint these that luuk unnatural, thanks to highlights accentuating the edges of the boards and not edges of the terrain features.

Gotta love how the lighting changed on this one, it's got the oranges and dark reds. Can't wait to see this completed.

Todd Sherman at sincain40k did this awesome orange/red planet board I love the colours he managed to get, a bit lighter than I'm after but fantastic. I'd originally intended to do the highlights on the cliff edges but seeing how Todd did darker edges as thrown me a little bit, we'll see how it goes.