Thursday 1 November 2012

Throne of Skulls Oct '12 - Battle 2, Tyranids Vs Ravenguard pt2

We left it rather dire on the Hormagaunts side of the central woods but here comes the cavalry in it's Mycetic Spore I remember to roll for the Doom and it arrives, in the Pod, on target, right behind his bike squad straddling his DZ. The Doom pops out and in my shooting phase Jim rolls this on his Leadership! Could it get much worse? 8 wounds with no save - taking out the support bike and 6 other bikes leaving two who stoically stay on target.

The Doom, engorged with 10 wounds and strength turns it's gaze on the Land Speeders and blasts them with Cataclysm causing 3 damage instantly. One crashes outright and another takes a hull point. He receives another 3 wounds back covering any lost in casting the spell.

The Adrenal Stealers had advanced from the forest and together with the Troop Tervigon pounce on the remaining bikes who are destroyed.

Meanwhile the Librarian is killed by Tyranid shooting[Slay the Warlord] and the tactical Squad is reduced to 6 by the Endured Warriors. 

Tyranid Prime does his usual and kills just one out of five attacks.

Another 8 Termagants are spawned at some point and head for the DZ and left hand objective.

Tervigon HQ advances on Tactical squad two with Endurance and Warp Speed +2 coursing through it's veins.

Warriors and Termagant kill another two members of the tactical squad in my DZ.

The brood of 7 Termagants head to the ruin objective to free up the Toxin Stealer's guard duty and allow them to finish the deadlock on the ADL.

Adrenal Stealers move to support the HQ Tervigon. 

Hive Guard advance although I'm sure they've shot somethings this game I can't for the life of me recall what, maybe they were responsible for some of the Tactical squad in my DZ? Or perhaps the Land Speeders as they no longer feature?

Finally the Tactical Squad is overwhelmed and the Warriors consolidate back on the objective.

The Tervigon has suffered a wound, probably from a Sergeant's Power fist. Warp Speed 1 and a +3 Iron Armed Adrenal Stealer [yep that's Strength 9 on the charge folks!] barrel in and kill the squad outright.

Not sure what happened to the Storm Talon, if it was popped by the Hive Guard or even from glancing hits from the Fleshborers. I think the back field play by the Termagants was thwarted by the Tactical Squad holding his one objective in the ruins.The Hive Guard may have took out the remaining Land Speeders too. I think the Doom may have been killed at some point but not sure when. End result is 10 VPs to me and 4 VPs for Jim.

I was really amazed by Endurance this game. It totally kept stuff alive for longer that meant they drew fire and allowed the other parts of the army to do their job. I'm disappointed the Warriors took so long to take out a Tactical Squad but what can you say when the Doom was just so lethal. Sure it was thanks to a crappy dice roll on Jim's part but he totally justified his inclusion in the army list. The ADL again performed as an effective barrier. It's not stopping flamer fire but it's a barrier to getting at my objectives and I'm convinced it was another right decision to take it.


  1. i just wanted to post and say that i am hugely enjoying reading these and i am checking back every day the next part of a battle report!

  2. oh and as an aside, you have inspired me and i am currently ploughing full bore into my Death Guard army which i will be taking to Throne of Skulls next year :) hope to meet you on the table.

    1. Always good to have a goal and a deadline, which is why I'm a bit adrift at the moment. Hopefully we'll face each other across a war torn battlefied ;)

  3. I'm glad to see the Doom stepped up since his last battle, though I'm not sure you're using him quite right:

    "The Doom, engorged with 10 wounds and strength turns it's gaze on the Land Speeders and blasts them with Cataclysm causing 3 damage instantly"

    That statement sounds like you gave him wounds back for destroying vehicles. To be clear, his rule states he gains wounds for "every unsaved wound it inflicts." Vehicles don't have wounds, so they won't heal him up.

    1. Let's hope that's just an error in my reporting - egtting carried away and the pic I was using to jog my memory had the wound marker adjusted. Although for the life of me now you've pointed out the specifics I have no recollection of whether I was [yet again] misreading some rules or aware that I couldn't get points back. My new found level of incompetency in understanding rules is starting to get on my whick! This will not go down well with the other guys, even though they've admitted to their fair share of honest mistakes.

  4. Ahh we have found you out Dave the Doom is a cheat ;) don't worry I'm sure you won't do this again or at least against me. Your battle report is great Dave is it just me though or does you opponent look like he's took a pee on the table in your first pic lol ;)

    1. If i could pee dice like that two six`s and a five i would try it. Liken the battle reports keep them coming Dave.

    2. Some smaller pre-thrones ones coming up in a couple of weeks. had two more games since which I've not recorded. Another defeat to Ben's Crons thanks to his Warlord Trait [without it I could have snatched a win through tactics] and last night I had a 750pt battle with a youngster at the Local Gaming Club. He was new to 6th but I was my typical helpful without being easy on him. My Devgaunts killed his C'Tan Shard while his Monolith pootled around not doing very much...

      Meanwhile, perhaps I should have cropped that picture of the Doom dice!