Tuesday 20 November 2012

'nids part 64 - Nu Tervigon updates

A quick apology if these pictures look a little 'rustic' thanks to the random background. Having reached a point where I was happy to consider the Tervigon complete I wanted to capture it before I applied any varnish. Considering my last experience with Purity Seal you may be forgiven for thinking me daft to even consider trying this again. However, with a bottle of olive oil to hand I was safe in the knowledge whatever crazy imperfections that could happen could be fixed. I was also going to prepare a little better.

The spray can was dipped in warm water and shaken vigorously beforehand and sprayed at a distance ultimately with perfect results.

As to the model there is perhaps more that I would have liked to achieve with the birthing sac. More colours would have been nice and I eventually want to try some Tamiya Clear Red blood effect splatter on the birth canal but for the time being it's complete and I can move onto other things.

I keep feeling tense that the model is only attached in the four places but then I realise my original Tervigon kitbash has even less connection with the base thanks to smaller hooves.

Now it's sprayed I may have one final update with it's glossy claws but maybe that'll be when I do the blood effect too...

1 comment:

  1. Looking great!

    As an alternative to the blood on the birthing sac, you could also try using water effects to get a sort of amniotic slime...

    Glad the sealant worked this time - there's nothing more frustrating than frosted sealer!