Sunday, 18 November 2012

'nids part 63 - Nu Tervigon updates

So lets just rewind time a bit to prior to Throne of Skulls and here's where my Tervigon was at, before it got finished [obviously]... please dismiss any past tense mistakes

Progress, I've added the green toxicy bits, they may be too bright at this point, but there's still some highlights to add to the birthing sac which may equalize the tonal ranges being used, still lots more to do, obviously.

Chitinous highlights mostly in place. This is just endless to do hence why I switched to that pre-mix of my highlight. The results are a bit neater than the head but it's still dodgy in places, isn't it always? Once all the highlights are done I'll be doing a small amount of secondary highlights on the most important bits. Spines are also done in a golden flesh, this will have some striations added with Bonewhite and white.

All the separate limbs, highlights done, Bonewhite highlights to do next and all the highlights for the black. I'm also going to add the Adrenal glands to the legs, another separate thing to paint. Part of me wants to magnetize the front arms. It'd be cool and a new thing to get my head round but I don't know if I've already gone too far painting it to potentially muck it up trying to hold it down while I drill out places to add the magnets.

Close up of the claws and stuff, I hope you can make out the very faint set of highlights on the claws, talons and hooves.

More to come but currently I'm super excited about my Tyranid Aegis defence line and quad gun. So I may be committing a lot of work to something only to have it be wasted, but it's the thing exciting me at the moment and it's better to ride that wave than force something else.