Thursday 8 November 2012

Throne of Skulls Oct '12 - Winners

So that was pretty much everything that was 'time sensitive from Throne of Skulls. All the other pics can be lotted in amongst any other content I'm doing to go back to my every other day selctions of tutorials, freebies, fluff and commentary. The last bit that needds to be done before everyone forgest is just a gallery of winners, just in case one of them ever stumbles on the blog. You'll notice that every Codex had a winner as well as the overall winner and plenty of other prizes were up for grabs which was cool because at least there's a slim chance you could go home with something.

Otty collecting his prize.

I'm the one in the centre looking like a Chav in red jumper and baseball cap.

I was a bit giddy and excited when they asked us to strike a pose, hence why I now have my arm obscuring the nominee next to me [knowing my luck that'll be Eddie Eccles, who was also nominated]

they asked me to leave ;)

but not before they gave me this!

And all the rest of the awards...


  1. Great Job!

    BTW your defense line is getting around. I spotted this today:

    1. Cheers Spyrle, nice to see it spreading afield :)