Wednesday 28 November 2012

Facebook shmacebook

I'm not entirely sure why but I thought I'd create a Facebook group for the blog. Mayhap you log into Facebook more often than come to the site, although I'm trying to make the blog more easy to navigate with the new tabs at the top to find all the relevant hobby stuff. But if you just want to dip in while networking socially then you can nip over to the Book of Face and join my group, here's the link:

For all I know this may mean a drop in visitors but c'est la vie it's there if you want it and even the few friends who've joined have used it to share their work so it's ideal if you want to share stuff and maybe I'll bring it over to the blog proper?!


  1. It is the finest facebook page in the history of facebook (not counting my own) ;)

    1. Ha, ha, but you've got proper terrain kits, not my home made stuffs ;)