Tuesday 11 September 2012

Warhammer World - terrain 3

Another terrain-feast, this time the Tomb Kings table. OK I know what you're saying why would I be interested in a fantasy table? Well for a start off the wife is a bit of an Egypt fan so I thought she might like it but equally who knows what lies out in the Badlands of Ferron Proxima and who knows what Avro Vulcan may discover next?!

Again I got some figure eye level shots and the great thing about this board is the majority of the edges are simple lines with the odd curve so they'll be super easy to cut out.

This may look cool in red, no?

Plenty of scope for fluffy compositions, I just need more time to do them?

I'm just snapping pics in the hope I may be able to use them for something, or I'll be doing something and THEN realise I can use this for it. Or instead you can find a use of the uimages.

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