Friday 7 September 2012

Warhammer World - terrain 2

This is just a photobomb really. I absolutely love this 40k city board. I mentioned how figure eye level shots are hard to come by for decent backgrounds for compositing fluff imagery. Given the coolness of this terrain and how I could get down to figure level I may have got a bit snap happy. But, if like me, you wanna do fluff pics then I've a shedload for you here. Really there's not much to say other than that, just enjoy the images:


  1. That board looks fantastic. Did you get to play on it (or see anyone else play on it?) I wonder if it would be feasible to move around those buildings. Not that I could afford to lay down that much cash to build such a table in the first place...

  2. Unfortunately I didn't get to play on it, or see folk playing. When I go to Throne of Skulls [or Game of Thrones as I keep calling it ;) ] I'll take shots of them in use.

  3. Great! Just needs some weathering and living-in (garbage, propaganda posters).