Tuesday 25 September 2012

'nids part 56 / Terrain is everything - Tyranid Aegis Defence Line Pt5

I was creative with my undercoats here, a quick blast of white on the insides then red oxide from the front and top down on the sand base. this way the Ultramarine blue went on a darker background - don't want it too bright and the base was perfect for my Vermilion craft acrylic

Inside of the defence line is my latte craft paint, it's extremely matte and I'm not entirely convinced of it's durability but it gives good coverage and there'll be plenty more paint going on top of it so it shouldn't be a problem.

Washes and tentacle vines to be painted next...


  1. They look great. Consider me jealous. :)

  2. I'm actually wondering if I could just cast a mold from these? They're actually finished painted now, *don't tell anyone* so I'm kind of wary to do it, certainly after Throne of Skulls. I'm thinking I could try and make a mold of the big single panel because if it goes wrong then I can replace that one anyway because it's a bit too big.

    Saves me spending all that time making them again, although I was going to not do all the little holes in them because I'm sure that's going to be a bugger in the casting process. Must read up on how to do it and whether it will muck the finished paint job up...

    1. Give it a clear coat and you should be fine. I don't see any undercuts, so the mold should release quite easily.

      The instructions in the Alumilite Super Casting kit are very easy to follow.

      Biggest issues are estimating amount of silcone to mix to fill mold, and after that estimating amount of resin to mix when casting.

      I found water displacement very effective.