Monday 17 September 2012

'nids part 54 / Terrain is everything - Tyranid Aegis Defence Line Pt4

Now this is what we're talking about...

Having suggested many different ways to add detail, but in so doing increase time to model I ended up with just some string tentacles on the backs, just to make them a little more organic and alien. You can also see that the grey-board bases have warped just a little bit after being based with sand. Not enough to be a problem but I thought I'd draw attention to it.

Sand also got added to the fronts, I'm hoping to transition between the chitin and the ground without too much stupid contrast, if you follow.

As a group they're really starting to come together and I think the alien tentacle vines break up the slightly shoddy sculpting on the back.

I hope the paint job works because right now they look decent enough as is, ha, ha!

And the quad gun in place, still visible over the defence line.

But still capable of gaining a cover save ;) Next up base coats.


  1. I'll take them. How much are you asking for them?

    They do look great. I made up my mind to buy a set of tyranid walls today--you know you want to sell...

  2. If I consider doing some more I'll let you know ;) I'd offer to do some now, though how much I'd have to think about, but I'm tied up with getting everything ready for Throne of Skulls. Latest news is that nids definitely can't fire the quad gun manually but it can fire auto, the Warhammer World guys say even with the defence line. Not what I want to hear but better than a kick in the nads.

  3. If you're at all seriously considering it, drop me a line at rob (at) my domain This is easily the best stuff I've seen out there, but I'm lazy (though I do have the wife saving cups for me, just in case...)