Saturday 15 September 2012

A freebie - Biomancy Psychic markers

The more games I play the more markers I find I need, latest is Biomancy psychic power markers. Constantly rolling for Warp Speed and Iron Arm each turn and adding D3 I&A or D3 S&T to the psyker means you really need to keep track of what's doing what. Of course there's other rules attached to these powers so I've included an asterisk to remind you to check out the full rules but each marker has +1, +2 or +3 respectively so you know what your psychic monstrosity is doing.

Additionally there are some Enfeeble and Endurance markers, three of each in case you have a few psykers. As per usual my suggestion is print 'em out, mount 'em on mounting card, sellotape for faux lamination and cut 'em out neat and tidy like. Bob's your Uncle [he actually was] and Fanny's your Aunt [she wasn't, it was Joan].


Usual step-by-step:
  1. Print
  2. Apply double sided tape to back
  3. Stick to mounting card
  4. Carefully apply sellotape to top if you want them pseudo-laminated
  5. Cut out with craft knife/scalpel
  6. Amaze your friends and enemies with these cards
  7. Tell them to visit for their own free markers.


  1. These are fantastic. Any chance on markers for the other disciplines? (Fiery Form, Precognition, etc) Thanks!

    1. When I get round to playing my Dark Angels no doubt I'll find a need to produce some. A while yet as it's not a priority I'm afraid but keep watching...

  2. Thank you so much for this! Using 3 daemon princes is hard to keep track of, but this will make it much simpler, cheers!