Friday 21 September 2012

'nids part 55 / Terrain is everything - Tyranid Quad Gun pt4.

Base colours in place, Ultramarine and my cheap bone white equivalent 'Latte' I believe it's called.

This is nearly exactly what I wanted to achieve but now the colours are in place I can't work out if it's actually a bit stupid looking. It doesn't seem to be out of balance but then I look at the gun and think perhaps it's a bit big and the heads a bit 'stuck on' and what's the point of the tail?

I dunno, I don't suppose it matters much really, it's just something to represent a Tyranid Quad Gun. It doesn't have to be physiologically correct and if there'spart of me that thinks it does what I set out for it to do then I should just accept it and move on.

Next up, liver, reds and washes...


  1. That tail does look a bit phallic. Hadn't noticed it before.
    And I know it's very late to come out with this comment but can the head see anything or does it have the gun in the way?
    Nonetheless, yours is definitely an inspiration to come out with my own version. Time to go looking for some bits.

  2. I've really been enjoying seeing this come together - keep up the great work!

  3. I like the colours but i think it looks a bit top heavy like the 1st shot would tip it backwards, i think if you had mounted the gun further forward and down you might have got a balanced look. But that is a minor thing TBH.

  4. Meleck I hadn't thought of it that way, although the 'sheath' it protrudes from is a bit obsecene. And no, the head can't see anything, ha, ha! I hadn't even noticed that.

    HumieStompa, you are right but I think if I had have made the base as fat and tomato-like as I originally had in mind it might have made it less wrong. Perhaps just 15-20% more mass would have fixed it proportionally. Or using the Monstrous Creature Scything Talons to anchor ii in the ground. Still nevermind I may never even get to use it as it's intended purpose!

    Cheers to all for the comments, the end result is well worth it, even if it's been nerfed. let me know if you start your own xenos fortifications.