Monday 3 September 2012

Warhammer World - terrain 1

I better start getting through these Warhammer World pics otherwise I'll be back there again for my next visit and still not shared these. The problem is I add too much description so the blogposts are taking longer and longer to do, I do ramble on too much don't I? Anyway this is what greets you when you step into the hallowed halls of Warhammer World

I love this Tau themed terrain, the trees are awesome, slightly too large but why can't there be giant trees? I also love the Tau terrain, I'd love to see some of this start coming through from GW. Xenos terrain needs a push and if there can be some fortification slots for Tau bits then there'll be a market for it.

Here's your standard gaming tables, simple but durable.

An awesome drop pod themed table, 13 drop pods makes a nice bit of terrain.

This Imperial excavation of an Eldar webway gate is so cool.

More shots of this realistic snowy planet.

Plenty o'skulls.

A Petrified forest, can you imagine I took this so I could cut out the foreground?! Yeah I'm insane for Photoshop clipping paths.

More skulls!

The road to nowhere, you can see this as a backdrop to Ferron Proxima easily.

I took an awful lot of low-level shots to composite for future projects. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get the sorts of shots I know will be useful. The plan is to find way's to fit them into the Ferron Proxima fluff... so! Not entirely convincing but it was a quick first attempt and I still haven't settled on the yellow sky I'm happiest with yet.

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