Monday, 10 September 2012

ARRRGGHH! Frost me!

Damn and blast it. The weather was nice yesterday, very warm, so I decided to Purity Seal some figures:
  • Tyranid Aegis Defence Line
  • Tyranid Quad Gun
  • Deathwing Terminators
  • 10 Devgaunts
  • A Ripper Swarm base
  • 4 Hive Guard Conversion
You know where this is going right? I'd say 65% is fine, the Aegis and the Terminators but it's the Hive Guard that took most of the frosting and the Devourers on the gaunts. Now I'm mot sure about the humidity yesterday, it didn't feel humid but as today it's saying it's 75% maybe it was the wrong day but I know full well Hive Guard got more spray than anything else and I think it was my overuse and too close that 'brooked things up'.

I tried looking online for solutions, so I'll be trying the old 're-spray with gloss' technique tonight and also the 'olive oil' solution. Bizarrely when you wet the frosting it disappears but then when the water evaporates it 're-freezes' so I figured that using a paint on gloss varnish might solve that problem and it didn't. All it's done is encapsulate the frosting in a shiny coating. I fear the spray of gloss won't 'melt the frost', now it's been so carefully protected.

Anyway, I'll document the outcome and perhaps try my solutions on the Devgaunts instead of the Hive Guard first! Sometimes you just want to punch yourself for your own stupidity.