Tuesday 14 February 2012

Terrain is everything - TREES!

Back in December I bought this set of Christmas trees from my local garden/craft centre. At the time I didn't want to have them 'evergreen' with snow capped branches so went about undercoating them red oxide primer and then my usual mix of Vermillion art acrylic and then highlighted up to yellow. And here's the finished result:

There was a bit of vairety in the process of painting these. I did some with Early Learning Centre poster paint mixed with PVA and then binned that idea and got me some Yellow art acrylic. Initially I was concerned it was too light but in fact the whole process of painting them meant that a lot of the underlying colour showed through so I'm getting quite a rich yellow, perhaps darker than I would ideally prefer.

Had to Red Planet Base the mounds, just had to. Pain in the bum at least everything is tied together now.

Still got to do the two big trees, which should be fun.

I've noticed recently that althought the super bright Halogen bulbs in the kitchen are giving me better pictures the refelction off my battlemat is affecting the colours on all my pictures, unsurprisingly they're all a little 'warm' in colour. So just to get a better idea of the actual colour here's a tree on a black background using natural light.

Lastly, here's a pic of mthe two art acrylics used, £1 each from local budget shop Quality Save.


  1. wow they look great i was not sure about this one when you started but they turned out really nice.

  2. Splendit work!

    Greetings Remco