Wednesday 22 February 2012

Blogger bother!

I'm not sure what's happened but I'm having a bit of bother with blogger. I have to use Explorer 6 in certain situations and the new blogger interface doesn't work and the old interface was updated t'other day and that no longer works :(

Alternatively get to use firefox which does work BUT I can only import my pics in one block and I'm unable to insert text between pics and you can imagine how that screws with what I post. If things don't resolve themselves this could have a serious impact on how I blog. I've actually got some stuff I want to post but I'm now stuggling to actually post it! I will be tryng my best though, never fear.


  1. You can try Google Chrome, see if that helps, I run into issues with IE and Firefox, but thing just seem to work better on Chrome... both made by Google so hope it helps...

  2. Can you use other applications to post to Blogger? If it uses the MetaWeblog API, there's a free app from Microsoft (Windows Live Writer) that'll do it, and I'm sure a quick google will find more.

    I'm sure you can do it that way, I used WLW for a Year of Frugal Gaming.

  3. Sadly it's the system I'm forced to use during my lunch. I can't install anything new and we were lucky to get Firefox. I had hoped that my blogger app on my phone would allow me to edit draft posts I started online but obviously that function isn't available, just the other way round, draft posts on my phone DO get synced to the online version.

    Thanks for your advice though, I'm sure the situation will change in the future and I'll just have to find workarounds for the time being.