Thursday 23 February 2012

Painted faces

As I make some progress with terrain, Deathwing and other bits and pieces I also decided to get some paint on the few faces that are 'exposed' on the Assault on Black Reach figures.

Ultimately I'm trying to continue to do dark skinned marines based on my Dark Angel genesis 3 figure. This is my attempt to capture the 'native american' fluff that the Deathwing was original famed for and fits the landscape fluff of Ferron Proxima with its red planet desert environments. 

This tactical squad sergeant is coming along nicely and I'm really loathe to put anymore highlights on the green now. Orkhide shade with Badab Black wash and it's actually where I want it to be and all the other details just pop because the armour colour is so dark, although it looks much darker than under daylight.

Company Captain has had his skintones done as well and there is some initial [very] rough highlights on his cloak and tabbard. Really I should go lighter on the next set of highlights but I like the dirty brown, although it needs tidying up, a lot. Initial colours on the power sword too. Thinned Vermillion with a Badab Black wash, more shading to come and then some lightening FX.

Back to a shot on a black background and in daylight so you can see the green isn't quite as dark as the above pic. The other big question is whether to do the verdigris effect on all the bronze to match the Deathwing [pictured so you can compare the two] I like what I've done on the tac squad already and think the contrast between the bronze and the green would removed if some turquoise was introduced. I'll know better when I've painted all the guns to attach to the rest of the squad...

One more decision - how about some tribal war paint? Not to mention do I paint the eyes [oh G.O.D. don't let me make that decision!] 


  1. Yes, always paint eyes! Thought you'd be worth the follow, as you're the only man alive with a fully painted 'nid army. And we're in the same club. :-)

  2. Cheers Gonders, as the 'nids are officially my sons I felt obligated to paint them for him so they were all done and dusted for him to play with. It's the only army I've even completed fully. In the past lots were painte but not all complete. Now I'm doing my Dark Angels the progress, how shall we say? Is a little less productive. But I'm getting their for all my distractions/decisions/setbacks.

    Se you at the tournament ;)