Friday 17 February 2012

On patrol - "Over there, beyond the tress"

Just a bit of fun now my trees are finished and the Deathwing are progressing nicely thank you very much. Took some pics of the Deathwing on patrol through the Ferron Fire Firs [flufftastic to follow ;) ]

I'll have to see what the darker battlemat looks like under these lighting conditions. This is a metre square piece of the lighter Mk1 mat with matte laminate, seems a bit washed out on under the halogens. Still the Deathwing look nice and bright.

I also think I need to do something to the Storm Bolter muzzles just to differentiate them a bit from the rest of the gun... 

Foreground and background focus shots.

Terminator sergeant with his ruddy complexion, still may need a couple more sepia washes to make him darker skinned. Which leaves me with one decision [sodding decisions again] regarding their heraldry shields...

Medieval like this

Pic from EPK over at bolterandchainsword

or the original Deathwing native American totems like this:

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