Friday, 11 March 2016

Throne of Skulls - Prologue

Right about now I should be on my way to Warhammer World. Liam, Ben, Scott, Otty and myself will be en route in the Otty's 'battle wagon'. We've got a table booked for Friday evening so we'll be having a 2 Vs 3 match, 'nids Vs Orks/Eldar/Tau - now that's an unholy alliance! Anyway, I finally settled on my list, which you can see below. I went with option 1, the twin Hive Guard and Gargoyles, [alongside the rest of my choices].

I have to print out 11 copies of these - one to give to the events staff, one for each of my five opponents to keep and then I use the other five to keep track of my games. It could probably have done to have been tweaked to better help with the Maelstrom missions but I don't know what the cards will be as the 'Carnage' deck seems to have a few different ones. That said it's a lot of work to create as I trim the pages of all the black surround so they're all rough edged. Once they were all complete [and the typesetting was a pretty farce too] I packed them ready and then started to doubt the Gargoyles, I just don't want to use them. They'll slow the game down, they're a pain to move and to transport, but what do I do?

I suddenly realised where I could save points - dump the Children of Cryptus. They're not ob-sec, they're overpriced and by switching to the min Stealer and Broodlord I keep the Psychic power, keep the Broodlord [which I wanted to enter as a unit in the painting comp] and I can have both the two Hive Guard and a Dakkafex! That's my high strength Impaler guns, rule of cool, two scoring units and 12 twin linked shots on an MC... one snag I was short 5 points, so I dropped the tunnelling on the Rippers - they're either going to start on the board or in the Tyrannocyte anyway...

So I re-jigged the list, printed, cut and finished and I'm much happier. Then I realised the Carnifex can be my unit of models in the painting comp as it can be 5 models or 3 of any on a base bigger than 50mm. The Broodlord can be the Individual and my Flyrant can be my MC entry. Anyway, all good, bring on the Carnage.