Wednesday, 24 February 2016

'nids part 186 - Termagants - baker's dozen

Renewed vigour - there's nothing like throwing these queue jumpers into the mix to make me feel guilty and desparate to get them done so I can get back to honest work. Funny thing is I'm no less busy than I was before it's just a sense of urgency as I put the first coat of Vermilion on the bases.

Whilst I was at it I did the Deathwing Knights, no harm in getting these past the basing stage so I've a head start when the gaunts are done.

Two sets of highlights later and they're all based. I also threw in some more work on the 30 Genestealers. I figured I could carry on bits and bobs there alongside the Gaunts and that might help speed things along too. It'd be really cool to add 30 Stealers, 13 Gaunts and all the other things on my table to my TO DONE! come August so that's my arbitrary deadline in getting all these things achieved by then. It may change but if these, the Knight, the Deathwing, the Bikes and the Jetfighter got done [not to mention the VSG] I'd be a very happy bunny.

I followed up the bases with basecoast of Bahama Blue on the Chitin and red on the fleshy bits/weapons. Interestingly I realised while also adding blue to the Genestealers that I never allocated any time to the blue, just the Chitin highlights - 2 days/sessions which may have been ambitious. Still I've 10 Stealers to but the Bonewhite base on, 5 are untouched and the other five are half done. I may be able to do that in 3 sessions, bringing them along nicely too.

Another night and they all got Soft Tone washed. I actually think this is a fair bit darker than the old Gryphonne Sepia but it'll do. The following day I managed to spend 15 minutes adding Strong Tone [Devlan Mud equivalent] ot all the Chitin and fleshy bits to make their shadows darker.

And now they're ready for Chitin highlights. Once again I used my Anitas Craft Acrylic Turquoise but this time I tried to use one of the 3 bottles Evan got me and there must be something different in their formula as although it's thicker the paint just does not have the same coverage as my 6 year old bottle, now down to 20% left.

So I switched back to my old bottle but may now consider the Miniature Paints Aquamarine. I've found my second highlight in the Decoart Turquoise often obscures about 80% of the first highlight anyway so colour matching is not the most important part, it's coverage. If the Miniature Pants covers well it may work as a switch, and I can see if mixing it with the new Anita's will make a closer matched but more opaque hybrid...