Thursday 9 May 2013

'nids part 79 - 'alien protection walls'

By popular demand I am creating some additional 'alien portection walls' and as I've shown before the fruit pot skeleton is in place. Having compared my line to the official proportions this set will consist of 3 long pieces and 4 short ones [aliens don't follow the metric system]. Below is one nights work with my favorite Terracota Milliput. Now I'm not sure if I should have added the holes in the front but it's too late anway.

Day two and I've completed the other halves of the long section and the backs of the two short ones.

I think the detail is pretty much the similar to my originals. When I come to try and cast them each set will have a random duplicate of the one of the long sections and two pairs of the short ones, still a long ways off though.

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