Wednesday 29 May 2013

MOAR from my mate Liam - Scratchbuilt Warhound Titan

Otty's Bio-titan and Liam's Warhound go toe-to-toe
I've been carping on about my mate Liam [y'see I've dropped the links to his scratchbuilds there, seeing as they never worked anyway!] for a couple of years now. He's a mad genius when it comes to painting and his abilities outstrip mine by a long way [although I do recall I got a higher grade than him in A-level art :P ] but it's more than that he's prolific on an industrial scale. Back in the day he had many, many armies for Epic, 40k, and Fantasy. Now he's down to just Crimson Fists, Dark Eldar, Tau, Chaos Marines, and I've seen Elves and Vampire counts too although I think that's still the tip of the ice berg.

Anyway, he's renowned for his scratchbuilt Warhound and Warlord Titans and I managed to get some pics of his Warhound build, maybe one day I can bully him into starting his own blog or joining with me on this one, what do you think? Well, here's the Warhound:

"She's got legs...

... and knows how to use 'em"

Some heavy duty carving of Plasticard for the scrollwork.

and in close-up.

Weapons are scratchbuilt too.

Plasma blast gun.

Vulcan mega-bolter.


And the whole thing complete, non-metallic metals everywhere - I guess that's one way to get some practice doing it, paint 20m² of Titan!

Still plenty MOAR to come from Liam, the guy is a hobby machine!


  1. God this is so much better than mine! I've been working on one off and on for a few months ( but the biggest problem I've had is with the weapon arms (and hobby ADD). Hopefully mine can look half as good when its done lol.

    1. Anyone attempting to make one of these deserves respect, you did however choose a Lucius pattern which as everyone knows isn't as cool as the Mars. So you have respect, you're just not very cool ;)

      I must join the UK Blogging Network, I keep forgetting as it doesn't show up on my work network. Will address that later.

  2. You scratchbuild guys never fail to amaze me! Great work!

    1. Well Liam is crazy good and reliably informs me we got the same grade, I thought Sculpture had been shafted in his year but it turns out what actually happened was you're not supposed to get your coursework back unless you pay for it, which he did and it was never returned. So that's how he was screwed. I guess I'd just discovered alcohol around that time so perhaps some of my recollections were pin sharp but others are a haze of drunkeness.

  3. The Lucius pattern is hard enough to build from scratch it never fails to amaze me how good some people are at this kind of thing.

    please pass on my great admiration and respect for completing this mars pattern titan to your friend.