Tuesday 21 May 2013

A freebie - Dark Angel wound markers courtesy of Chris Gillboy


I was doing a search on my computer to find my 4th Edition Dark Angel Codex to see how they paint Dark Angel Librarians in it and the search pulled up an email regarding Dark Angel Wound Markers which I couldn't recall ever reading. I think  the wife, bless her, must have opened it and therefore it never caught my eye. Anyway it was from a guy called Chris and I've posted the email below so you can see what it was all about:
Hi its Chris from the Lost Boys Club, you played my mate Mark last week with his space marines (and kicked his backside). Anyway, I was so inspired by your wound/hull pts markers that I decided to make some Dark Angels counters. I found a picture of the munitorium dice on google and changed it to green then coloured in the numbers using paint. Not as flashy as yours but i'm happy with the result. I only did up to no.6 as nothing in my army has more wounds/HP than that. Anyway here's a copy of the image in case you wanted to put it on your blog.
Hope to see you at the club tomorrow
So here's Chris's markers for you all to use. I can't say how happy this makes me feel. Chris could have gone the easy route, and I'd have still been happy, and printed out my markers but he's actually followed the spirit of the blog and created something new for the community and is willing to share. That is the true 'hobby' ideal there and I'm pleased to present them below for all you Imperial players out there.


Thanks Chris, it's emails like this that make the effort of keeping a regular blog worthwhile.

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