Friday 3 May 2013

'nids part 78 - To done! Ymgarl Genestealers

This is the problem when you have a 'relapse' mixed in with a trip to Warhammer World - content ends up being delayed or forgotten about. Anyway my nine Ymgarl Genestealers got completed and they're actually on my 'To Do List', makes a change. So I'm now pretty much a third the way through, although I think I won't make it much past halfway, if I'm lucky.

Having attempted my own Impromptu Tentacles these mutations are really taking over the brood. They stand out so much I just want to use thEM above and beyond the more standard Scything Talon ones, which is a shame as their poses are actually more dymnamic.

Given the the 'dormancy' rules you can see I followed up my promise to base them with larger stones and bits on the base. Seeing as they're coming out of terrain they need to be a little more densely populated than a normal base. I used some lava pebbles 'liberated' from our old office plant pot that were sanded flat in seconds on a paving slab to make interesting shapes. They also have some of my yellow clump foliage as well, could do with some white clump foliage too if anyone has seen any.

Here's a bunch of portraits for the individual brood members. This one is full on mutation, a Hormagaunt scything talon, stealer rending claw and hand with a Milliput tentacle and Termagant armour plates for the Protective Carapace. And if you needed a way to keep track of your own Ymgarl Mutations, don't forget my free Ymgarl Genestealer Mutation markers, now with added stat modifiers.

This is just a mass of writhing tentacles. I impressed myself with how dynamic they ended up. Not entirely convinced with the oversized monstrous creature Carapace but given the amount of limbs coming out of his shoulders maybe it's appropriate.

I think this is my favourite, with the kit bashed carapace that works so well.

Oh, or this one is my favourite because he looks in motion, like he's reacting his senses have picked up the movement/heat signature of a nearby victim and it's about to  change direction to feed.

High 5, up above, down below! Talons to the front, you be slow.

Talons on the back sockets with a bilious tongue too. I know they don't have Toxin Sacs but it's another bit of colour.

Orks aren't the only ones who can go WAAAAARGGH!

I loved the accidental knife cut I made through this guys eye, so I accentuated it a bit so it looked like a proper wound.

Hormagaunt Talons, which I didn't actually need, I had some Stealer Talons knocking around but it adds a little more variety to an obviously disparate and non-uniform group. 

Compare and contrast a Ymgarl to it's standard Stealer compatriot. I'm glad I made them normal stealers so plain now.

And here they are as a group trampling across the remnants of the Imperial Eagle. Looks like someone should have let sleeping Stealers lie.

Just some more character shots.

And lastly a top down view so you can see the variety in their Protective Carapace and the additional turquoise on their spinal columns.

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