Wednesday 1 May 2013

Is it Friday the 13th? Business as usual here!

After my most successful blogging month ever, it seems some of my biggest referrers have been 'rounded up and shot'. That's a real hit for the community, especially when our appetite for the information they were dealing was so ravenous. I guess that there's a certain amount of 'playing with matches' to some of that content though and the inevitable happened, a real shame for all of us. Hopefully I've treated most of my posts with asbestos gloves but I guess it's a lesson for bloggers big and small and to enjoy the time we have lest it be 'ceased and desisted'.

Until such time I will continue to offer free templates and gaming aids for the community and hobbyist and in these times where the tallest of trees have been felled perhaps it will allow the smaller trees to grow in the sunshine? Probably not, it's more like the big guys have been pulling us up to bask in the sunshine with them, lets hope they're back with us soon the made the hobby a dynamic and exciting place full of rumour and speculation.


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