Thursday 25 October 2012

Now we are 2!!

Aside from my recent observations on my 'To do list' it's been a while since I took stock about the blog and where its at. What better time than my second anniversary. Two years ago I began to reveal my addiction to the unsuspecting internets. I achieved my initial goal of posting every other day and almost every time I warned that I couldn't keep up the pace and may have to take time off I pushed on through and continued to deliver. The second year was supposed to be more relaxed but the sheer amount of content I had thanks to my Warhammer World visit, more regular gaming activities and plenty of new hobby enterprises resulted in the opposite.

The blog therefore became bigger than I thought it would be and so I've begun to make it easier to navigate because all those who find the blog now aren't going to go back through every post so it's important to position all the very best treats in places folk can get at quickly.

As I look ahead I can see plenty more to keep other hobbyists satisfied, entertained and excited but I have noticed that this is less a 'group session for an addict' - a way for me to release my addiction and feel more comfortable, and more another 'hit' I can take. I check the blog far too often than is healthy, my sleeping arrangements have got worse, I even had to install parental controls on my PC to ensure it stopped at midnight. I may even consider making that 11:30 as I'm still going to bed at 12:30 once the computer has locked. Put into some kind of context, even with a month of posts already produced I was still beavering away with new content. I've joined another couple of Tyranid forums to discuss gribbly specific issues and my BoLS and Warseer visits are incessant! So I'm aware this is a 'problem' I just have to find a more appropriate level of activity, that may be my biggest goal for my third year.

Thanks for all those that have participated, commented, followed or otherwise. Apologies if this thank you/celebration took a slightly grimdark turn but maybe there is a lesson for everyone, I mean this is 'Confessions of a 40k adddict' afterall.


  1. Addictive thingy, the internet! Happy Blogday, anyway, and good luck on limiting your online-ness. If you work out how, let me know! ;-)

  2. Congrats on 2 years of stellar work. The lay out changes have already come in handy and they look great.