Tuesday 23 October 2012

A tale of four gamers - Warhammer World Hangover

As you should be well aware it was Throne of Skulls this weekend and it was in a word 'awesome'. I've hundreds of photographs and five battles to report on so it's obviously going to take a while to fit everything into the blog. So, I felt it was important to give you the headlines now, thank all those that made it happen and that way you can look forward to reading and seeing the treats to come.

Tournament headlines:
  • I was nominated for best army [seven were nominated out of 140 competing]
  • My mate Liam was nominated once again for his Dark Eldar
  • My mate Otty was also nominated for best army
  • Otty won 'The Scribe's Quill' - the award for best designed army list
  • Out of five games I won four!!! [what the flip!] Yep folks, my weak force with weak nids won four!!! Ben worked out I came something like 26th!
  • I faced:
    1. Andrew Bruce's Grey Knights, similar list to my friend Pete B's but was hammered on kill points.
    2. Jim Klapkowski's Ravenguard,
    3. Phil Elliott's [of www.4tk.co.uk] Blood Angels Mech,
    4. Andreas Kkounnous's Imperial Guard [Squats],
    5. Sean O'Sullivan's fluffy Necrons,
  • Liam won 2 out of 5
  • Ben won 3 out of 5 [losing only to the best Nid and Tau players with five wins each!]
  • Otty won 3 and drew 1 out of 5 [yes with nids!]
  • Necron's were there in force and the seven flyer Necron air force was in for a lot of stick ;)
  • Equally the five Tervigon list that my mate Ben lost to [as well as 4 other players] wasn't a pleasant match.
  • The highest average army score went to ... Eldar!!!
  • The lowest  average army score went to ... Dark Angels!!! [bring on the new codex]
  • Surprisingly the new kid on the block Chaos Space Marine army average was 2nd last!
Thank yous:
  • First and foremost it must be to our wonderful better halves for letting four big kids go off to play toy soldiers. It wasn't all plain sailing and they're not going to see this but I want it on record we appreciate it even if it seemed like we couldn't see past the end of our dice and tape measures.
  • Second a big shout out to Ben's cousin Warwick Kinrade and his good lady wife who put four gamers up in their front room. If you're unaware of Warwick then check out any Imperial Armour book from Forgeworld or more importantly if you like your WWII battles he's just produced a new rulebook - Battlegroup Kursk through The Plastic soldier Company. I saw it first hand and it was mint!
  • Another big thanks to the Events Team at Warhammer World, Adam, Nick and the guys couldn't be more helpful and accommodating and one of these weekends represents 'good value', something you may be surprised about but it's true and I would look forward to going again. Meanwhile the guys put up this album of pics on their Facebook group from the two days, including my buds and your's truly's figures.
  • And lastly to my three road trip warriors who put up with me. Otty for the patience and driving, Ben for the patience and organising everything and Liam for the patience and putting up with my ramblings after two pints of Bugman's finest XXXXXX and the other stuff I will always owe you for!

So I'll get around to posting these as quickly as I can. I'm trying to write up the battle reports now but please understand that things will be a bit sketchy thanks to the amount of gaming, the lack of chance to record everything that was going on and the delay in getting to write everything down, but I'll do my best.


  1. Hi Dave well done at throne of Skulls mate it just shows that you can be successfull with an average codex if your a good commander/player cheers ben short post first time just seeing if it works ;) ta Ben

    1. I'll drag you all kicking and screaming into my online addiction. Without your organisation where would we have been. Some pics of your battles will be coming up too, although i don't know what was going on in them.

  2. Dave! Glen and I were good friends with Andreas Kounnous! he used to own a gaming shop in southport town centre.

    How random that you played him at the weekend! haha

    Anyways, well done mate, you did great. Hopefully see you next week at the club.


    1. He was a decent bloke and I absolutely loved his army - you'll see. I kind of felt bad at the end though because all his options to come back were thwarted and one dice roll in particular ended his chances.

      It's funny how small a universe it is, and yeah I should be there next week. Having run a unit of four Stealers and a Broodlord I'm going to be happy to make that upgrade in my list - fear it with the tooled up Tervigon. Now I have an idea of how to run my army I'm hoping to use the momentum from the weekend to continue to tweak it. All good stuff.

    2. Hi I dont know you guys jonny and glen but if you know Andreas then you might know the Nid player who won best Nid player Lee Durkin? he was with Andreas and also from southport. He was a good lad but his army was nasty 5 tervigons it made for a painful game ;( but if you want to win thats the way to do it. Cheers Ben

  3. Hey Ben,

    Yeah I knew Lee many years ago, through a mate of mine Derek Mattheson (scottish guy), he was into the whole GT scene back then.

  4. Hi Dave, looking forward to your battle reports, my last three games read like this....
    "Set figures on the table and proceeded to take them all off very very quickly, damn those Dark Eldar and their paper planes"

    1. Enjoy a battle report featuring your very own good self here:


      Also the same guy played my second and third match up too so you can see how they faired with him.

  5. Hey Dave, Thanks for the kind comments. Thanks for coming along, I had a great weekend. Never would have thought I would have done so well with Tyranids - or expected three of us to have our armies nominated. A few people at Throne of Skulls asked about my armies and have asked to see photos and descriptions. Gill has taken some photos for me tonight and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to post them here (given my technophobia) and I could direct them to your blog. Cheers Otty.

    1. Absolutely Otty, I've sent a friend request to Gill on Facebook if she accepts I'll message her with my email address so she can forward the pics and I'll put them up. A totally awesome weekend I've just finished putting my notes together, now to get them all typed up.

    2. Cheers Dave, She's on it now. Otty

  6. The weekend was great next time if we all managed to win 5 it would be great ;) oh and the next time I hear nids r s..t from Dave and otty when my necrons r beating them I'm going to kill u both lol ;) get ready for the next tale of 4 gamers guys march tos is looking good ;) and I want to organize a big apocalypse game nids v crons and marines it will be a great spectacle for your blog Dave cheers ben