Wednesday 3 October 2012

'nids part 58 / Terrain is everything - Tyranid Aegis Defence Line Pt6

The Tyranid Aegis Defence Line has been washed. Once again, Gryphone Sepia and Devlan Mud or it's nu-GW paint range or my Warpianter Strong Tone equivalent.

What concerns me is that the sheer scaled of these chitinous plates looks like there won't be the depth to the colours as on your standard Tyranid. these are looking more denim than deep sea ocean effect. And also whatever the washes do they somehow manage to slightly thin the base colour as significantly more undercoat seems to be visible than I would normally expect. You can see the Red Oxide colouring just a tad in the blue areas below.

And the back areas for a bit of contrast and all the alien vine tentacles are slightly more purple, just because.

Makes a nice difference to see them blue one side and then as you pan round you get a whole different perspective - the best of both worlds.

And here's the quad gun in situ, poking out form behind the wall.

Fits right in don't you think?

More coming as soon as I can fit it in, your patience is appreciated.


  1. While I love your sculpts, and they're starting to shape up, I'm going to hold off my flowery comments until I see the highlighting. At this stage, the paint jobs don't compare to your others, but I'm sure that's simply because they're a WIP. I'm anxious to see the final result, though.

    1. I know, it's underwhelming is it not! Hopefully I can bring the 'whelm'...

  2. The end product is well worth waiting for!!!