Sunday 7 October 2012

And now a word from our sponsor

You may have noticed among the additions of extra pages tab at the top of the blog I've now become a Wayland Games affiliate, well why not? When I started the blog I casually decided to include a Google advert widget. I'm not a big fan of web-adverts but if it's innocuous enough I don't see too much harm and who knew if there would be anything my few followers would find interesting enough to click on.

For a while I hadn't even completed all the details to claim any earnings even if the ads were clicked on and as time went by, more posts were added to the blog archive, a search function, links through to From the Warp and the list of followers pushed the ads lower and lower down the page. So I'm really not in this for the money. If I was I wouldn't be giving away the foamboard STCs and freebies. However, it is nice to suddenly find folk have clicked on stuff and clicked enough to get you a couple of pots of Mechrite Red, or it's nu equivalent.

Amazingly when I did finally manage to get all my payment details sorted with Google I actually found out my earnings had practically doubled in a month. Which sounds cool but I think in total I've only made about £13 in nearly two years of blogging. Still that's £13 I wouldn't have, although I don't actually get paid by Google until it reaches £60, and I'm extremely grateful for those folk who clicked thru to some offer. I've tried to filter the ads a little bit so there should be some things of interest but thinking about it I realised the best option would be to join up to Wayland Games affiliate scheme. They seem to be one of the cheaper third party operators and I've had decent service from them in the past, my Tervigon being my most recent purchase.

Feel free to use the banner or not. Personally, if there is ever any adverts I want to check out from other folks blogs I enjoy, the simplicity of clicking thru to put pence in their pocket has meant I do so. Meanwhile I only found out in the morning of the Dark Vengeance release, after I'd ordered my Limited Edition set, that I'd been accepted, so I'd already clicked through Lancashire Wargaming Forum's affiliate scheme link. Which is funny because it's Lancashire USA, not the Lancashire UK where I live. Still, like I say, it's no skin off my nose to help a fellow community-er out and I hope they enjoy their commission.

So I heartily recommend adding a Google advert to your blog and/or clicking on links when you visit someone else's. We're not going to get rich off it but it's kind of nice to know folks are doing something. Of course if you're reading this through an RSS reader you won't see anything of the ads but no bother and there's only a point to clicking if you're actually interested in the offers available, otherwise just enjoy the content and stuff freely given.

Just to reiterate I'm not soliciting extra clicks, I'm just thanking those that have clicked, observing the limited success the webadverts have had and how other bloggers may use them and to point out I've tried to tailor what limited advertising there is to things you may be interested in, hope it's not an inconvenience.


  1. While I can see the appeal of a free pot of paint / booster pack of cards I always hated that they were generic adds that stand out too much to consider myself.

    Though might want to take a look at your top image as it links to which gives "this product could not be found" error so you might not be getting anything on that.

    1. Cheers for the headsup on the link, they must have changed it - the dangers of writing these weeks ago. Occasionally I see ads for parcels 2 go and modelzone which are useful but obviously I can't click on them myself but whenever I see someone else with the ads I take a look because I am interested in those shops/services.

      I appreciate that some may not like them but I think it's an interesting topic of debate for us bloggers, I believe there's not right or wrong just the benefit of experience.