Thursday 20 January 2011

Epic Space Marines part 5. - Ultramarines part 1. Land Raiders

Here we go with the first of quite a few eked out posts on my Epic Ultramarines. First a 10 man squad of Land Raiders. Somehow I can't imagine the current version of the Land Raider looking quite so iconic in Epic scale. The paint style is overly exagerated, much like my firend Jay's Ultramarines from around that time. I removed the tiny door viewports so I could have a flat surface to add the number decals. Each unit of three with a separate identifying colour, white, yellow, green and black for the command tank.

More coming up!


  1. Eke it out as long as you like - it won't be long enough!

  2. Cheers Porky, as long as someone is happy they'll keep on a comin'!