Saturday 8 January 2011

'nids part 11. The Tervigon Tutorial part 7.

Hopefully you're still with us, this is part 7 afterall! 2 further sets of turquoise highlights have been added. All the 'nids have a turquoise base with a highlight, these bigger creatures have a 2nd highlight, though only used sparingly [although I've still do that on the Trygon]. As you can see the black talons are done. Originally I wasn't going to highlight these at all, just leave them black and put a gloss varnish on them. Again that little voice told me this was a cop-out despite another voice telling me it was the right thing to do. Another couple of tones on the model really wasn't necessary but in the end I put on the highlights [and that includes all the Hormogaunts, Genestealers, Warriors and whatever else crawling thing had sharp bits, yes I am that anal!]

You can see that the Termagant spawn has also been finished and sits quite well on the now fully textured base. You may spot a couple of adrenal glands in the red planet soil. I wanted them there to represent tiny Tyranid organisms searching for symbiotic hists to bond with. Teeth were all done in grey with white highlights, the tongue was purple. You should be also able to make out how sparingly the 2nd turquoise highlight was used, particularly evident on the chitin on the head. You can also see the purple veins on the egg sac. I really struggled with colouring the membrane later on, I wasn't 100% happy with it here and trust me it got worse before it got better.

Here's a top down view, again the 2nd turquoise highlight was used just on the very edges. The base was painted with a £1 Vermilion acrylic art paint from a Quality Save [or Home Bargain, they also had paint palettes for 29p!]

Next up, basing and everything else [minus talon highlights].

Meanwhile, here's the previous parts:

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