Monday 24 January 2011

'nids part 14. Trygon interlude

Now that you've seen how the Hive Fleet got it's colour scheme here's another example of a big gribbly. I'll put some bigger pics up at some point, he's had some highlights added to his talons since these were taken and I may add one final set of turquoise highlights, as I did with the Tervigon.

The hardest part about painting a Trygon in this way is the tail, that baby goes on forever! Loads of striping and dotting |||| .:.:.


  1. I like the combination of dots and streaks on the carapace.
    Nice touch.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Cheers Ron, these older Monstrous Creatures and their 'liver spots'!

  3. Oh so sweet - MOAR DOTS! /grin
    Love the scheme, and great job pulling it off.